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Sterling’s Silver Bells A Tale of Two Fallow

Free-spirited Sterling loves Christmas. In fact, she celebrates it all year round. Her Christmas list is always the same: she wants two reindeer! Each year, instead of a reindeer, Sterling receives two silver bells engraved with the word “BELIEVE.” Undaunted, Sterling wishes on a star every night and keeps her eyes peeled.

What Sterling doesn’t know is that two pure-white fallow deer have hatched a plan to make her wish come true!

The Great Escape A Tale of Two Fallow

NEW for 2019! 
This delightful story about runaway deer, bighearted townspeople, and a family in need of help will tug at your heartstrings and make you “BELIEVE”!

Free-spirited Sterling has seen her greatest wish come true: She now lives with her two best friends, white fallow deer Pearl and Jovie. When Sterling goes on a trip to visit her grandmother, however, the unthinkable happens…

About Amy

Amy Haselton lives in Maine and her childhood wish was to have her own reindeer. In 2017 she adopted her very own white fallow deer and made her own own wishes come true. 

Our Fallow Deer

Jovie and Pearl
joined our family in 2017. 
Then they both had babies…

About Fallow Deer

What’s different about a fallow deer? Their antlers are broad and flat . On average, male fallow deer weighs around 148 pounds and females weigh about 97 pounds .

There are several different colors of fur ranging from white to black. White fallow deer are the least common. The brown fallow typically has white spots resembling a common fawn. They are also playful and affectionate…

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