Sterling’s Silver Bells

This sweet tale about wishes and dreams and loving people for who they are is sure to be an instant holiday classic!
Free-spirited Sterling loves Christmas. In fact, she celebrates it all year round. Her Christmas list is always the same: she wants two reindeer! Each year, instead of reindeer, Sterling receives two silver bells engraved with the word “believe.” Undaunted, Sterling wishes on a star every night and keeps her eyes peeled. 
What Sterling doesn’t know is that two pure-white fallow deer have hatched a plan to make her wish come true!

$12.99 ea.

The Great Escape A Tale of Two Fallow

This delightful story about runaway deer, bighearted townspeople, and a family in need of help will tug at your heartstrings and make you “believe”!
Free-spirited Sterling has seen her greatest wish come true: She now lives with her two best friends, white fallow deer Pearl and Jovie. When Sterling goes on a trip to visit her grandmother, however, the unthinkable happens…
A windstorm knocks down a pine that crashes through the girls fence. Startled, Pearl and Jovie run away!
Sterling returns home determined to rescue her four-legged friends. And fortunately, she’s not alone. Soon, friends and neighbors gather together to embark on the remarkable rescue of Sterling’s beloved white fallow deer.

$12.99 ea.

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