Fallow Deer Facts



Some interesting things to know…

The name fallow is derived from the deer’s pale brown color. The modern scientific name is Dama dama.

On average, male fallow deer weighs around 148 pounds and females weigh about 97 pounds .

Fallow deer have antlers that are flatter than a common American deer.

There are several different colors of fur ranging from white to black. White fallow deer are the least common. The brown fallow typically has white spots resembling a common fawn.

Agile and fast in case of danger, fallow deer can run up to 30 mph over short distances and can jump up almost 6 feet high and at lengths up to 17 feet! 

Fallow deer are generally extremely timid and nervous. However, fallow bucks can be aggressive when rutting.

Rutting refers to the behaviors associated with the breeding season and typically begins when the deer start to shed its velvet off their antlers and ends when the actual antlers are shed.

Fallow deer have a breeding season of approximately 135 days, generally between the months of September and January in the Northern Hemisphere.

A pregnant fallow deer’s gestation period is 230 days. (7 1/2 months)

Considered an exotic species, most fallow deer in the United States will be found on farms and game preserves. Some are still found in small herds in various areas of the country.

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